The eyes have it.

Well after much procrastination, I have finally updated the format of my website. I will be tweaking and rebranding a bit over the next six months, but it feels really good to have this new site up. Thank you to Jonathan Cunningham for the WordPress assistance.

Hoping to post some of my more recent projects shortly—the campaign identity for Monterey Park City Council Candidate Jennifer Tang, the packaging for The Curious Creamery, and I have a roster of Apple Music projects that I’m hoping to list once I get legal clearance.

I also have some fun illustration projects in the works too—enamel pins, Venice artwork prints, and a series of stickers. Now that my eyeballs are finally working again (thanks retina + cataract surgeons!) I’m really looking forward to busting out some new designs.

Have no idea what I’m talking about when I say eyeball drama? Check out my IG posts from the past year and a half for more info. Thanks!


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